Computer Network Security

With our computer network security plan will provide the policies and practices needed to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. Without a computer network security policy, you are at risk from intruders of all types.

If you are starting from the ground up or just want to add new facilities or capacities to your current IT setup, we have years of experience to help you to do the job right. We have specific models for different industries and company size that have been proven with time and pass muster with regulators and examiners. We also can help guide you through major upgrades and system conversions. General network consulting and expertise is also available. We offer certified engineers in computer network security that will be able to meet and exceed all the expectations and needs of your business.

We can conduct a complete, human-driven penetration test to IT systems and procedures. These tests are carefully designed and crafted to define any gaps in systems without causing any downtime or unnecessary security risks. There are several different types of Penetrations Tests to review different IT areas:

Electronic Penetration Test: a purely electronic attempt to breach IT systems from the outside using electronic methods only.

Social Engineering Penetration Test: The weakest point of any system is often the human element. This test stresses personnel policies and procedures to make sure that staff members are following them.  Trained personnel uses phone, email and even in person visits to verify staff compliance with firm policies.

Physical Penetration Test: This test examines the physical protections to IT systems. This is particularly useful for government and medical facilities where classified or sensitive data needs to be protected with strong physical controls.

In conjunction with internal and external vulnerability scans, the Penetration Test can be part of a complete program for computer network security.

 We have experience with the entire range of computer network security issues faced by businesses. From writing and implementing security policies and procedures and conducting periodic network audits for security vulnerabilities to tracking security breaches and working with local and national law enforcement to identify computer criminals, we have the computer network security expertise to help your business.