Remote Technical Support

Remote technical support is remote access via a dedicated secure connection that allows most problems to be fixed off site.

In information technology (IT), remote technical support tools are IT tools and software that enable our IT technician or our remote technical support representative to connect to a remote computer from our consoles via the Internet and work directly on the remote system.

Remote Technical Support

The remote desktop service offered provides an all-inclusive computer network set-up, including hardware and software requirements, together with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam measures. Our remote technical support service is backed by our commitment to quality, reinforced by a team of experts working towards customizing solutions as required.

Clients tapping into our remote support service will also have access to troubleshooting options. Using Remote Desktop Protocol, We provides clients with uninterrupted remote tech support. If needed, onsite support may also be provided, depending upon client requirements.

The online remote services offered by include:

Microsoft Windows updates

Microsoft Windows service packs, hot fixes and security patches

Software installation or removal

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam updating

Virus and Spyware removal and prevention

Application updates and patches

Troubleshooting for Internet, email, and wireless network connectivity issues

Internet security auditing and configuration

Hard disk scanning, defragmentation, and scheduling

Tuning and optimizing of the system

Secured wireless setup and configuration

Key Benefits

We offer numerous benefits for users of its remote support services:

Experienced and reliable team

Fast and accurate solutions

Cost-effective rates

Door-step services


In keeping with its tradition of uninterrupted remote technical support service, our troubleshooting team will be available to address issues 24x7, via email or phone.

We are committed to providing total remote technical support, computer repair and online PC support by getting a certified expert to address all your PC-related worries. The online PC help that we render, by means of chat-based support sessions, would help you understand your computer issues and then while you sit back and watch, we resolve and protect your computer from further issues. With online PC support from us, you can use your computer hassle-free…always!