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We bring Backup Consulting to you in Jacksonville, FL

When is the last time you checked your backups? We have come into many offices where the backups were either grossly outdated or just were even being run at all. All the while the current IT provider claimed the backups were being completed.

We can help you with your backup consulting, whether it be something as simple as backing up your company QuickBooks file all the way up to scheduled server imaging to a cloud backup provider. With optional weekly or monthly checks and scheduled test restores you can be assured your data is protected.

You can expect from us:
  • We work with you to ensure your critical data is protected
  • Optional weekly or monthly checks and scheduled test restores
  • Back up all our technology services by delivering 100% satisfaction-guaranteed results
These are some of the items we can help you with Backup Consulting, our support options are not limited to this list. Contact Us if you have any questions.
  • Cloud Storage
  • Local and Cloud Backup
  • E-Mail Archiving
  • Weekly or Monthly Backup Checks
  • Offsite Storage
  • Amazon Glacier

The Institute for Business and Home Safety says that an estimated 25 percent of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster. With the rise of large data sets, virtual servers and cloud data, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to protect your information. Plus, system failure and mistakes can be made. If you don't have a backup and disaster recovery plan, downtime will cause major damage—especially to your bottom line. Advanced Computer Consulting makes sure that your important business data is always available and business operations are normal as usual—even in the event of a hurricane, fire, major flood, or emergency.

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