Any firm operating with assistance from computers is bound to have a network system, since all the data transfers, shares, and mutual work depends on it. Our wide variety of computer network consulting services include cabling, application support, and integration, wireless, VOIP phone systems, network-based printers/fax machine, IP video surveillance, firewalls, security, VPNs, SAN & DAS storage solutions.


We never falter in our duties in providing uninterrupted consulting and management services to your company. In addition to that, we are always looking for ways to further improve our services through client feedback and recommendations.


We firmly believe that no company can grow unless they clearly define their goals and plot out their path to achieving them. An easy and effective method of achieving this is always to keep a to-do list of what you intend to do next. Similarly, while you move on and achieve more, your resources will need repair and damage control. For these, you need a separate to-do list, to stay on the update whether your IT support is on track with you. This is where Advanced Computer Consulting comes in.


We specialize in building comprehensive and effective IT strategic plans that address your needs for equipment upgrades, capacity planning, technology transitions, along with more efficient IT solutions as time passes.


Add to all that our specially trained and expert staff, and you will never need to worry about your computer problems again. The dedicated members of our team make sure that no extra time of yours is wasted and all is done in the smallest time period possible.


The process is simple. Once you sign up with us, a senior technician will inventory your current IT systems. Once this assessment is done, we can easily recommend the solutions based on any exposure or risk, or potential lapses in your security that may lead to a breach of confidentiality, data backup or problems arising from something as simple as a power outage. Furthermore, we recommend solutions to increase productivity by improving the speed of your systems that may otherwise be affected by viruses and malware. We understand how important any company's IT department is, and with our IT solutions on board, it will contribute even more to your company's success.