Making sure that a company’s network is secure is extremely important. Our expert consultants are available to guide you and provide plans to implement policies and practices in your business that prevent and monitor all kinds of infiltrations within your system. These including monitoring of unauthorized access by an outsider, misuse by company employees that affects the productivity of the office, modification of a computer network for better performance and network-accessible resources. It is important to know that without a proper network security plan, all of your company’s sensitive data is susceptible to malware and outside attacks. It is very important that your systems are well-protected against outside intruders or hackers, and our well-built security systems help you achieve that.


To ensure that you get just the right package according to your needs, we come up with different security packages. Don’t worry about having to pay extra for services that you don’t require as our customized packages are built while keeping in mind the size and requirements of your organization. This approach has not only earned us the trust of our clients but also the approval of the regulators and examiners in the network security industry.


We also are experts at guiding you through major upgrades and system conversion, if you need them. This goes without saying that any company's future growth is primarily dependent on its IT department's physical performance, which entirely rely on their equipment. We ensure that this equipment is not only secure but also timely upgraded as your company grows so you never have to halt your business due to a certain machine malfunctioning. Our certified engineers who are qualified in computer network security will take over from you without causing any difference in your office work environment.


We start off with a penetration test that is conducted by our professional team. This is designed to penetrate through all levels of security that you may or may not currently possess. There are several types of these penetration tests that vary depending on your company size:


A purely electronic attempt, we do it from the outside.


Machines are programmed to work efficiently, humans are not. This test of ours is designed for the employees at your company to ensure that your network security is safe in the hands of those who operate it.


This involves checking of the physical factors involved in the security of your network. Government and medical facilities are particularly prone to data theft by such means which is why a complete checkup of such facilities is required. With our vast experience dealing with clients, you can be assured that your company is in the right hands with Advanced Computer Consulting and its network security advisors.