Our extensive computer repair profile includes providing solutions to problems including virus removal, getting past the blue screen of death, repairing laptop screens, hardware repairs, battery replacements, as well as computer software updates. Rest assured, if you experience any of these issues among others with your computer, our IT solutions will easily take care of them.


The advantage big companies have is that they have in-house IT departments looking towards the everyday needs of their computers. For smaller to mid-sized businesses, this gets a little problematic due to the size of their company. Outsourcing often works out, but then again there is the problem of overcharging that is prevalent within many independent contractors. Advanced Computer Consulting, with its totally affordable and quality service, has been the choice of many clients over the past, and we continue to grow exponentially in terms of our client base all year round.

Are you facing problems with a slow PC? This could be a sign that your computer is infected by a virus. Malicious software and viruses are a tricky business and find ways to infect your system undetected, in turn making your PCs very slow by taking up ROM space. Our repair services help by easily removing these harmful viruses so that your computer can function to its full potential. With our advanced tools, we even have solutions for problems like dead hard drives and data recovery.


Our services support all kinds of software and hardware. These include all makes and models of the Apple Mac and PCs including those manufactured by Dell, IBM, HP, and Compaq. Other lesser-known brands and all makers of laptops are also within our list of expertise. eMachines and non-branded computer systems are also not a problem for our computer repair department. All major operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows 7, and older versions including Windows Vista, Windows XP Home, and Windows XP Professional are part of our support range.