There are just so many technical difficulties that your company could face. One of these is recovery from a disaster. At Advanced Computer Consulting, we ensure that whatever calamity hits your systems, we put them back up in the quickest and efficient method.


Natural disasters and calamities are something beyond any company’s control, no matter how large or small it is. We understand fully that your organization can't afford to lose access to all the critical systems and data that ensure communications during disasters that occur. Our data recovery plans in disaster management situations are well-versed and well-thought. These are followed by continuity plans that keep your systems available during a crisis.


Disaster recovery is one of the primary ways to ensure your data against natural calamities. CIOs make it their top priority to ask about the resiliency of their overall business and not just the data or IT departments. In a recent survey conducted, roughly 50% of outages in companies are caused by software or network failures, leading businesses to halt completely. Comparing to these, weather-related outages only were a meager 14%. The point we are trying to emphasize over here is that outages will occur, and it is up to you to make preparations to save the most possible. Our solutions not just prepare you to recover from the losses done, they help make you resilient so that the next time it happens, and you practically have nothing to worry about. The end goal is to make sure all your business’s customers and clients continue to deal with you without any lags at your end due to technical difficulties.


Our procedure for disaster recovery is simple. We start with early on data protection. Once done with that, we start the task of setting your systems back up that were otherwise hit the worst by a hurricane or any other natural disaster. Once we are successfully done with setting up the entire system and network, we then examine how badly each component has been affected on an individual level. This helps us examine which systems might affect your office productivity in the coming days, for which we provide onsite solutions, including damage repair and component replacement.