Computers running slowly or sometimes not at all? A FREE 21-Point Network Health Checkup can determine the limitations and weaknesses of your current technology systems.

As a potential customer, for a limited time, we are offering you a FREE Network Health Check and Diagnosis ($499 value). With this health check, we will perform an extensive 21 point examination of your whole system to search for potential issues, security holes, malware, and other problems that can cause the machines on your network to run slow, act strange, crash, and lose data. Did you know that failing hardware is one of the top causes of data loss that CAN be prevented and detected early with proper monitoring?

Here are the main items included with your Network Audit:

  • Review your backups to make sure they are working properly.
  • Scan your server(s) for hidden spyware, malware, and viruses that MOST anti-virus tools and software can’t detect or won’t remove.
  • Check for security updates and patches to validate that your network really IS secure.
  • Review your firewall and security settings.
  • Check the integrity of your server and workstations hardware.
  • Audit your virus definitions and protection.
  • Conduct a visual scan of your server room and cabling to make sure your network is PHYSICALLY safe and set up properly.
  • Inventory every machine on the network

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