Among our diverse portfolio of computer consulting and solutions, we also proudly exhibit IT support involving business and technical expertise that enables us to guide organizations in their process of creating, managing rightly, and further optimizing their access to business and information processes.


We believe in a certain skillset based approach that helps us target the IT services market in the best way possible. This works on the principle of design, build, run. Talking of IT service providers, it is relatively easy and common for any company to provide you with service products, or fix a run-down computer at your doorstep, making it just like any other convenience firm.

But at Advanced Computer Consulting, we believe that you deserve that extra mile of hardship from us. This is specifically why we throw the ball in your court to ensure that only you get the right to choose what is best for you since nobody understands your business requirements better than yourself. We begin by asking you a simple question:


And working around this core of our business philosophy, we eventually end up providing exactly what the customer requires of us, meaning happy customers all around. It would be safe to say that at Advanced Computer Solutions, technology comes second, but you come first. We believe in a mutual bond between the client and us, which is why we never forcefully or rigidly market a single product as your solution. We work around ways, and design a perfectly unique solution every time so that it only fits your bill and nobody else’s. This is of course done all the while keeping your affordability factor in mind. A complete IT Service package from our side has only one meaning for us. All your troubles are now ours. From the maintenance, the services, support filters and all the future enhancements that your equipment might need, it is all our responsibility now, and you need not worry about a single thing.


Our processes begin by meeting with you firsthand and visiting your facility. This enables us to get a fairly good idea of what you require, and what we feel like are the bare minimum necessities that need to be brought in. Once this is done, we ensure through our 24/7 remote monitoring that your productivity graph never sees a negative gradient. Regarding product and service security, we again have no match. Our special security consultants analyze your data all the while it is incoming or outgoing and keep you advised on how to proceed in matters where you seem stuck. Our disaster recovery services are also a very sought-after post-crisis solution as we set up and get your systems running after natural disasters in no time.


We provide all this and so much more with two aims in the back of our head for your company; profitability and versatility. Our technical solutions ensure that your systems run at their best to get the business of the day done better than your competitors, and at the same time, our diverse solutions with no match keep you out of harm's way all the time.