With the number of malicious attacks constantly growing by the hour for each company, the new buzzword in the field of IT management and computer consulting is Managed IT Services. This relatively newer form of providing constant service to a company or organization has in recent years proved to be a very effective solution.


As for the cost, outsourcing such services from providers such as Advanced Computer Consulting turns out to be much less than having an in-house facility catering to these needs, both essentially having the same results. In outsourcing such a service, your company turns out to have someone looking out for their IT services all the time. These not only ensure solutions that are personalized but also the best-fit solution for your business technology.


With the growing usage of Managed IT Services in the technology circles, one is bound to be curious as to what exactly is it? A simple answer to this would be that Managed IT Services are just an upgrade to your regular IT services, but only better, more efficient, and way more effective. Back when managed was not a part of IT Services; the most common standard operating procedure involved calling your tech company when you ran into a problem. This although resulted in a fix (at times) on the spot, it was never a permanent fix. The technician coming could very well identify the problem with the machine, but could never anticipate by noticing the trends in your machine of any potential dangers that might come next. This led to something commonly known in the industry as the break-fix mentality. A client breaks something. He calls the IT Service Provider. They come and fix it.


But with specialized Managed IT Services, you get not only a fix for your problem on the spot, but you also get constant monitoring of your system performance by our dedicated and expert staff. This, of course, is coupled with software monitoring that has been specially designed to send alerts to our HQ for any potential threats that your systems might face. This enables us to act before the danger has time to cause harm to your systems. Timely warnings allow our technicians to be on the spot and fix any oncoming errors before they get a chance to jam your work for the day completely. Nobody understands better than us how much losses an unproductive day can yield. This is why we are constantly striving hard to ensure that we catch viruses, malicious software and any other troubles before your system shuts down because of them.


The goal we like to follow with Managed IT Services is that "everything is an emergency." Therefore the slightest of alerts send our team in a spree of warning as our staff gets on its way to make sure your system is out of harm's way and your work carries on at full pace.