Computer Repair

Computer repair encompasses several services such as: Virus removal, Laptop Screen Repair, Blue Screen of Death, Battery Replacement, Hardware Repairs, and Computer Updates.  We can take care of all these computer repair issues for you.

Computers are wonderful...when they work! :

And when they don't, they are extremely frustrating. You need your computer to make your life easier, not harder, so bring your computer in when it goes down and  we'll get you up and running again with our computer repair department.

Here are some of the common problems we repair and their causes:

Runs Slow


Too many programs installed and running in the background

Won't Boot to Windows

Windows is corrupted

Bad hard drive or other hardware problems

Software compatibility issues

Won't Turn On

Bad power supply, motherboard, or other hardware problem

 Your computer may not be physically broken but may be running very slow or freezes regularly. We can optimize your laptop or desktop computer’s performance.  We repair anything from a dead hard drive to total computer maintenance and repair as well as computer servicing and upgrades.


All makes and models of Apple Macintosh & PC including IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq & eMachines and through to non-branded computer systems.  All operating systems, including: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional.