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Get your computer repair done right the first time.

Tired of dragging your computer into the local big box store just to be told they can't help you or just try to sell you a new machine? How about the local computer doctor that keeps coming out to fix the same problem over and over again? We offer fast and affordable on-site service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will get it fixed right the first time.

Do you prefer not having a tech come out to your business or home? We offer in-shop or remote repair options as well.

With Advanced Computer Consulting, you will get Computer Repair on your own time and a price that you can afford.

We can also provide computer network setup as well as SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) wireless or wired networking environments including Workgroup, Homegroup, and peer to peer Service environments.

You can expect from us:
  • Fast response times, many times same day appointments are available for on-site repairs
  • No costly travel charges for on-site support.
  • Free quotes for repairs. Know what your repair will cost before we start.
  • Remote service is billed in 15-minute increments
  • 100% satisfaction-guaranteed results

These are some of our more popular computer repair offerings. Our repair options are not limited to this list. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Hardware Installation
  • Laptop Repair
  • PC Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Operating System Install (Windows & Mac OSX
  • Custom Computer Builds
  • Computer Setup
  • Printer Setup

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Looking for the best computer consulting company to provide solutions for your computer repair? Advanced Computer Consulting is the answer. We are a firm that offers a full range of IT services, including computer repair. We are a professional IT solutions provider based in Jacksonville, Florida. However, our operations are not limited to just this area; we also provide remote services to places beyond the radius. Our highly skilled team of specialists enables us to give you the best IT support for your home or business.


When it comes to computer repair, we understand that all our clients have different needs. Generally, they want quality, speed, convenience, and dependability all at a great value from a reliable company. They also need computer repair that can work with every manufacturer including major brands such as Dell, HP, Apple Mac, among others. For these reasons and more, the best choice is the leader in computer repair in Jacksonville FL: Advanced Computer Consulting.

Our company, with its affordable and high-quality services, has been the choice of many clients during years, not only in Jacksonville FL but in other areas. We ensure the best solutions for your home or business computer repair needs at some of the best prices in Jacksonville with low hourly rates and optional discounted monthly service plans to give you the opportunity to set up your computer with the best IT technology.

Our wide range of services

There is nothing more frustrating than a computer that doesn’t work properly when you need it the most. Doesn't it seem like it always needs repair at the worst times? Perhaps you simply can't do the work you need to or send an important email to friends and family, whatever the case, getting your PC repaired is essential to make your life simpler. Don’t get caught in a digital no man’s land. We have the best solution for you.
At Advanced Computer Consulting, we are proud to offer a wide variety of services that support all kinds of software and hardware including the well-known brands like Apple Mac, HP, Dell and many more. We work and understand perfectly all major operating systems, including MacOS, Linux, Windows 10, Windows 7, and older versions such as Windows Vista, Windows XP Home, and Windows XP Professional.

Apart from having onsite technical support, we also offer remote technical support to make your life simpler. This service, through a completely secure internet connection, enables us to fix your problems from remote locations without having to visit your home or business. We have technical experts that will handle your computers and networks from our offices in Jacksonville FL. 

We cover a vast area of different IT solutions, including virus, spyware and spam removals, and hardware repairs. We solve the blue screen of death, we update software and do daily maintenance like disk drive cleaning processes, defragmentation, battery, and screen replacements for you. Additionally, we offer you a backup, storage, and Disaster Recovery plan. In the following lines, we describe our computer repair services more in detail.

Security Protection

If your computer is running very slow and keeps on freezing quite often, it may be due largely to viruses. Despite the critical role email plays daily in business, email servers normally are not protected by a corporation's firewall and security appliances. Inbound email often passes and is directed straight to its recipient. This creates an ample opportunity for attackers, spammers, and senders of email viruses and cost you a loss of earnings in terms of productivity, interruption of services, and wasted or damaged systems.

Don't risk your computer network with unprotected email systems. Our staff in Jacksonville FL works together with you to determine the best choice of products and services to combat critical network protection shortcomings. In addition, our systems implement automatic scans to ensure all your machines are free from spyware or viruses, and our help desk is automatically notified when there is an issue. All the spam files and folders will be removed from the hard drive. Windows registry files will be cleaned, and the PC will be optimized for the better operation.

Hardware and Software Repairs

Does the blue screen of death appear in your pc or the operating system doesn´t start? Don´t worry, It´s not a problem for Advanced Computing Consulting. Normally, people encounter these technical difficulties at one point or another in their lives. If the blue screen of death appears in your laptop quite often, this could be a sign that there is a failure in the hardware, but it could also be that a driver has not been successfully installed. And what is it if the PC doesn´t start? We need to perform a full diagnosis first but there could also be a problem with the hardware or the software.

If your Mac or PC computer is not running the way it used to, you may need a hardware or software upgrade. For any business to succeed nowadays, computer hardware is crucial, and it requires continuous upgrades. That´s why Advanced Computer Consulting provides you with the best affordable services. We offer you popular software applications and operating systems, we agree with our client’s accessible bills and we guarantee excellent performance and technical support 24 hours a day.

You may wonder if we offer other computer support business services? The answer is yes. Other computer repair services that Advanced Computing Consulting can be the following ones: checking of hard disc, CPU, computer´s graphics card, coolers, motherboard, power source and RAM; battery and screen replacement; installation of operating systems; formatting and resettlement of computer applications, installation of software and drivers; design of a computer network security to protect your system; routine maintenance items, installation of components of hardware, installation of servers to control Internet; corporative hosting to keep emails account and web for your business; permanent counseling from our computer doctors. 

For all the problems above mentioned, our computer doctors will carefully examine your computer and give you a full diagnosis scan so as we can tell you what the real problem is. Then, if you agree with us, we fix your computer and if a replacement of equipment is necessary, we have devices of high quality to replace the ones you don´t need anymore. Undoubtedly, we have the best computer repair technicians for your computer repair. We deal with a wide range of hardware-related problems and we provide onsite pc repair at Jacksonville FL.  

Backup, Storage and Disaster Recovery

Beyond all the services regarding computer repair, we include a backup, storage and Disaster Recovery plan which aims to protect your business from the effects of significant negative events, such as natural disasters or cyber attacks that can cause data loss. Flood, forest fires, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, among others can destroy your business or your data in a minute. So, don´t become a victim, avoid computer repairs and losses. Our plan provides strategies for recovering disrupted systems and networks to minimize negative impacts to company operations and restore the systems normally.

Why choose us for computer repair?

Clients are entirely satisfied with our company mainly because we offer a personal technical support for your business or even your home PC according to your particular needs. As regards our staff, we rely on our best onsite computer technicians and computer support specialists in Jacksonville FL. They have a great capacity for innovation through continuing education with the latest technologies available in the marketplace. Additionally, our skillful staff is friendly and is always willing to offer you our services if computer help is what you need.

Preserving the environment is essential for us. Our advanced computer recycling program at Advanced Computer Consulting Jacksonville FL promotes the highest and best re-use of computer and electronic equipment and recycles unusable items to keep them out of landfills. We make sure that once your machine ends its useful life, it is properly disposed of for the environment's benefit.