5 Signs You Have a Computer Virus

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5 signs computer virus

5 Signs You Have a Computer Virus

The question people ask often is “What are the signs of a virus on a computer. Most people get suspicious that their computer is infected, but can’t determine for sure. Sometimes there’s no way to be sure, but our computers often give hints that something is wrong. This article will discuss 5 warning signs that indicate that your computer has a virus.

Pop-up ads

We all get annoyed whenever we get a pop-up ad when browsing the PC. However, modern browsers now add a pop-up protection feature to keep these ads away. If these pop-up ads still come up on more different sites, then your browser might be configured badly. However, if pop-ups are coming at you when your browser isn’t even open, it’s likely you have a virus. This is especially true if the pop-ups advertise some magic cure-all to your “virus woes”

Slow Internet and Processing

It doesn’t necessarily mean a computer is infected with a virus when it is slow. But, if it starts getting slower suddenly, then it is important for you to check the computer for virus. To determine how fast your internet speed and processing power of your computer is, you need to Use a speed test and your computer’s task manager to measure it.

You’re locked out of your computer

You’re surfing the Web and boom!!! You suddenly get a creepy message telling you that you’re locked out of your PC. It may claim to be from an anonymous blackmailer or law enforcement.
When you get such message, then a virus might be blocking important programs from running or your files have been encrypted so you can’t access them. This type of virus is called a ransomware because it tries to make you pay a specific amount to encrypt your PC

Error Messages

A good computer always detects when something is wrong before you do. When your computer suddenly shows a message warning you about a missing application or system file. Then you need to google search the message shown to diagnose if it is a virus.

Missing antivirus or disabled firewall!

Another technique to determine if your computer is infected by a virus is that they disable the PC’s security system such as the antivirus or firewall. Although it might be a specific software failure, if all the security components are disabled, then there is a high possibility that you have been infected with a virus.
If you notice any of these signs explained above, then there is a high probability that your computer has been infected with a virus. However, you need to be 100% sure, contact us today to schedule your onsite service call.

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