Is Cloud Storage Safe and Other FAQs About Cloud Backup

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Is Cloud Storage Safe and Other FAQs About Cloud Backup
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You’ve probably heard the term “the cloud” several times over the past few years.

With the increasing rise of modern technology, “the cloud” seems to be the main focal point for everyone… except you. To the person who might not consider themselves concerned with technology, the cloud might seem like an elusive and almost vague concept.

You’re new to the game and asking,

What is the cloud? Is cloud storage safe?

These are all valid questions when looking into securing and storing your data. We’ve put together a list of FAQs that will answer all of your cloud questions and add clarity.

Let’s go!

What is the Cloud?

You know when your garage seems to be too packed and there’s no room for anything else? At that point, you decide you need to rent a separate storage unit?

That’s pretty much what the cloud is.

Your devices (i.e. phone, laptop, tablet, etc) are created to hold a certain amount of data and information. Once this limit is reached, nothing else can be saved. The cloud allows your information to be protected in a secure way without depending on your actual device.

How Does the Cloud Work?

The “cloud” is a blanket statement for software and services that run through the internet that are designed to store more of your data.

Software and internet services that are cloud-based are secure and remote systems that are stored in a provider’s facility. This frees up your own personal device from having to use its storage space.

A few examples of cloud-based software include Google drive, Netflix, Dropbox and the Apple iCloud.

Is Cloud Storage Safe?

Yes, but let’s explore why.

If you’re currently keeping all of your information on your own private hard drive or network, you might be under the impression that it’s safe.

You might think that joining a “cloud” seems too risky and have a potentially catastrophic outcome with your information in someone else’s hands.

Theoretically, both options can be considered risky.

On one hand, you have your tangible device in front of you and you think it’s “safe”. But when thinking about cybersecurity, you need to approach your strategy from a digital perspective.

Although the device might be right in front of you, without adequate software or knowledge of cyber security you run the risk of either losing your information or having it hacked.

When you use cloud software to secure your data and information, you’re putting your cybersecurity in the hands of extensively trained professionals. The world’s best computer scientists create encryptions that make it much more difficult to even touch your information.

So technically, yes your information can get hacked with or without the cloud. But your odds are way better with the cloud (and it’s trusty computer wizards/scientists).

Your Data In the Cloud

There you have it!

Three of the most common questions about the cloud. After reading this, you can rest assured that your information can be trusted in a cloud.

We hope that these questions have given you clarity and answered the initial question of “is cloud storage safe”.

If you’ve just read this and are still have questions about the “cloud” don’t worry! People devote their entire lives to this field of work so it’s only natural that you’ve got some more questions!

Send them our way. We’d love to answer them more in-depth and hear what you’re wanting to accomplish with a cloud-software or service.

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