There’s So Much of It!

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There's So Much of It!

Have you heard that old joke?

“Why is computing so hard – because there’s so much of it!”

It’s actually a joke with a lot of new applications, though, (no pun intended) because executives and business leaders are scrambling to catch up with dozens and dozens of new innovations that are upping the game, raising the bar and driving extremely rapid change.

The Old Days of Company IT

Just a few decades ago, computing was pretty much about using hardware workstations to work on software that was designed with linear programming.

Simple, right? You had your input and output data, and your mathematical and linguistic operations. You had programming syntax being converted into machine language in binary.

In so many ways, this kind of retro computing was fun. It was also easy to find the business use case and implement it. Businesses had data on these workstations that would show them the numbers for the month or the year, and human decision-makers planned accordingly. Everything was groovy.

The Tech Race

Then what happened? Well, the hardware environment quickly changed. Traditional network systems as they were born only lasted about 10 or 15 years, until cloud delivery systems changed the game, and then virtualization changed it again. These days, companies are unlikely to be maintaining a lot of physical servers in-house, because they have cloud, colocation, virtualization and vendor options. As empowering as this is, it can also be extremely confusing and frustrating!

Along with the cloud phenomenon, you had software as a service or SaaS, with vendors jumping on board to hawk everything from visual dashboards to business insights services. Big vendors like AWS have developed tools like S3 object storage and Amazon lambda serverless computing that help intrepid experts to cobble together systems without any in-house hardware at all, except for maybe the portals where you buy the stuff.

If all of this makes your head spin, you’re not alone. Buyers, managers, executives, and analysts all shake their heads when confronted with the dizzying amount of options and strategy alternatives available.

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