What effects computer performance?

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What effects computer performance?

Some people have a false belief that computers are intended for entertainment only, however it is not. The modern world offers a hundred ways to earn money online, sources for personal development, education and of course, communication with relatives or friends. Many men – many minds, therefore speaking about the topic, each of us uses computers for various needs. But the main aim of these incredible devices is to help us with solving numerous problems and the process should be easy and fast. One can say that to get the best computer’s performance you should by the most expensive device, but let’s find out what effects computer performance for real and when you should call for computer upgrades.


The motherboard is the first important component to pay attention to because all other things are connected directly to it and it regulates their correct work. Besides, choosing it may cause several difficulties because some of them may appear not appropriate for a concrete type of hardware. Being an amateur makes it difficult to choose one, so use computer support services to manage the right choice.


For those who are not acquainted with the topic – RAM stands for the Random Access Memory and means the amount of available space which is used for operating the current data files within the moment of exploitation. For instance, surfing the Internet your computer has to accept the data and transform it into the visible form on your screen thus there should be enough space to do it. Otherwise, the workflow will be slow and will not bring any positive feelings afterward. The more RAM size you install, the faster the operation you will get in the process.


Another important element in the list of things what effect computer performance is the software on a PC or a laptop. Probably the most common operating system on the market today is Windows which is one of the most user-friendly systems as well. However, from the point of view of speed, the issue is not so easy. Quite often it stores way too many useless garbage in the registry which slows down the computer while turning on and its further functioning. Specialists recommend checking the autostart list and to delete unknown or unimportant programs out of it. By the way, due to the popularity of Windows OS, there are lots of viruses of malware programs, so be sure to stay away from them and get a licensed antivirus software installed or use computer virus removal programs if you have some already. The fastest operation systems are Mac OS and Linux, but the latter one is not popular with users.


We can compare the CPU to the brain of the whole device and there are three main factors to consider. The first one is about the number of cores, today offering 2, 4, 6 and more of them which implements the multifunctioning of the computer. The next component is the clock frequency which is measured in MHz and GHz important for the number of cycles the processor can operate at the moment. And last, but not least is the amount of cache space and levels left for computer’s fast performance. Today it is easy to find a price/features friendly option and boost up the processing at a faster pace. In a case you have good CPU but still not satisfied with the devices’ workflow, then think about remote technical support to find the key to the problem.

Hard disk speed and space

In general, it is a device installed on a computer to store all our files, programs, games, etc. There are two types of them: HDD and SSD and both provoke arguing within the users for the winner’s place. As for the first one, computers and laptops with HHD usually are cheaper and have more space to store the data while SSD is more expensive and offers less space for this need. Let’s find out where the difference lies. The key is about the speed and whether you are ready to sacrifice an extra 500 of gigabytes and get better computer performance or store more information within an easy access by yourself. SSD work much faster, consume less energy and are quieter in general, in comparison with HHD disks that have higher rotation speed and volume. If your computer is the source to make money, then SSD is a crucial part to consider while looking for something to increase PC and laptop performance.

Graphics card

Graphics card can also play a vital role in the speed of your computer, especially if we mention pictures, animations, photo or video editing and stuff like that. There can be two types of cards: discrete and built-in. The built-in is placed on the motherboard and its characteristics are very poor. Usually, they are appropriate for office work only and even in such cases they will bring inconvenience. If you plan to play modern games, use programs that process graphics, then you need a discrete graphics card. This is a separate board, which must be inserted into a special connector located on the motherboard, raising the performance of your PC. To install and set it up apply for an on-site computer technician.

These are the most important factors you should include while looking for a salvation of the problem if your computers run slow. Remember, that more often than not it is not enough just to replace one separate part and get a perfect result because many of the things are connected with each other and complement the workflow process. For example, replacing the graphics card on the computer with an old processor won’t save the case. The same as trying to change the software with only 2 gigabytes of RAM. In any case, it is better to turn to a professional and ask for a computer repair to save a lot of time and money. All of the mentioned above pieces of advice are the core things that affect computer performance thus correspond to any need.

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